● Artists: CHENG Ting-Ting, HUANG Li-Hui, WU Siou-Ming
● Art Director: Catherine LEE
● Curator: SHIH Ya-Tien
● Date: 2021.03.27-2022.02.06
● Venue: Corner No. 2 & Shelter
● Virtual Venue: https://artogo.tw/exhibition/resonatingsounds
● Supervisor: Ministry of Culture, Taipei City Government
● Oragnizer: The Department of Cultural Affairs under the Taipei City Government, Taipei Culture Foundation
● Executive: Treasure Hill Artist Village
● Photo Credit: Treasure Hill Artist Village

● HUANG Li-Hui, Applying for Being a Cat (Office), 2021, Installation / Audience participation

After years of political and social shifts and changes, the settlement at Treasure Hill has maintained its current “Artist-Resident-Paragenesis” for over a decade. Through changes of political regimes and with people coming and going, Treasure Hill residents, local and international artists that take up short-term residencies here, groups that focus on local placemaking, and the countless visitors have collectively made up and shaped the way that Treasure Hill looks today. So, what has dissipated due to the progression of time in this uneasy period that we are going through? What has been preserved and passed down? And whose thoughts and ideas are represented by what has been preserved?

The process of paragenesis, or symbiotic existence, is often double-sided; it encompasses both soft gentleness and also resistance and has ups and downs where endless resonances, occurrences, and sounds take place. This exhibition, Resonating Sounds departs from sounds caused by frictions and clashes and then extends into conflicts and dialogues resulted from conceptual discourses and ideas. The resonances of these sounds and ideas coming from various places indicate a process of harmony, and it is also a force achieved due to an incessant dynamic balance.

When this space becomes like a lingering song stuck in people’s minds, regardless of which roles we take on as we come and spend some time here at Treasure Hill, what kind of thoughts and experiments should we engage in, in order to transform this place into where life experiences can be created? In reviewing the different voices that have resonated in Treasure Hill for an extensive period of time, a distinctive position is held by each person. This permanent exhibition is opened to everyone that comes to Treasure Hill and invites all to jointly contribute to creating features and sounds that are unique to this space. Through reading and getting to know more about this space, we will learn about its origin and think about what position we should take on now. As discussions unfold with contributions made by different voices, onward steps will be taken on a daily basis, and thoughts on how to strive forward will also be pondered.

● WU Siou-Ming, Facial Sound Mask – Treasure Hill, 2020,
Digital output, media player, headphones, mirror, customized software program

● CHENG Ting-Ting, But the Water Never Came, 2021,
Multi-Channeled Video Installation

● HUANG Li-Hui, Applying for Being a Cat (Archive), 2021,
Installation / Audience participation