● Artists: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Sarah Song and Yifeat Ziv
● Curator: SHIH Ya Tien
● Sponsor& Production: TheCube Project Space – Talk Drums Radio

The project Eavesdropping on the Wind and Cloud(2020) is an online curation recorded by Ya Tien Shih in collaboration with artists Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Sarah Song and Yifeat Ziv. The artists collected sounds from Taiwan’s coastal area, Sahara Desert, and Amazon rainforest as the elements of their works: Moon Tide Lullaby: Fragility of Sonic Memory (2019-), 10 Sec of Sahara (2018), The Echo of Our Breath (2019) and Amazonian Traces of Self (2019). In the form of interviews, the artists share their travel experiences, and the process of how they collected the field recordings and then transformed, interpreted the sounds into their own personal practices.

#1 Moon Tide Lullaby: Fragility of Sonic Memory (2019-)
Moon Tide Lullaby is a long-term project made by artist Iris Chun-Tzu Chang. In the work, she utilized multiple field recordings that she collected in Taiwan & London as well as live recording from the transformation between ice and water. The sounds and poems are revealed gradually as the time passes by and which process can be seen as a poetic metaphor of transition between the tangible/intangible identity and memory.Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

#2 10 Sec of Sahara (2018)
During the trip to the Desert Sahara, Sarah Song recorded images and sounds from the unique landscape and the strong wind of the desert. In the work, she traced back to the experience and recreated the images into film, the “noise” into music. For her, this is a way of preserving the memory, just like a personal diary.

#3 Amazonian Traces of Self (2019) & The Echo of Our Breath (2019)
Artist Yifeat Ziv’s performance “Amazonian Traces of Self” and interactive installation “The Echo of Our Breath” are inspired by her Labverde artist residency experience at the Adolpho Duke Forest Reserve, Amazon, Brazil, during August 2019. This episode unfolds her experience working in the rainforest and how she combined her long-term research of voice and listening practices with field recordings along with her concerns of the global climate issues.