● Artists: Aki POON, Sarah SONG
● Curator: SHIH Ya Tien
● Design: Mia HUANG
● Date: 2019.10.29 – 2019.10.30
● Venue: Sister Midnight Records(4 Tanners Hill, SE84PJ London, UK)
● Special Thanks: Deptford Festival, Sister Midnight Records

Finding patterns is usually human nature when we experience the abstract outside of that which cannot yet be explained. Through questioning, analyzing, and interpreting the abstract outside, we can eventually summarize it as a hypothesis or a fiction. This process could loop continuously until it is defaulted, proven, or becomes a discipline, while it is the ambiguous situation that gives us the infinite space of imagination. In the book Fiction as Method, Jon K Shaw and Theo Reeves-Evison define this ambiguity by saying: “It is a knowledge that materialist-scientific objectivism struggles to deal with—or is disinclined to.” The importance of our temptation to decode the order, and the situation between real and surreal; however, is a key that could potentially extend the unknowability, possibility to our future.

Cosmos has been a subject in scientific studies, but it is also above all the domain of the imagination. For thousands of years, humans have been drawn to exploring this infinite darkness while the unknown still remains. Derived from this, astrology is a subject that combines scientific methodology and fictional elements. It categorizes the movements and the relative positions of the planets; connects the changes of the natural world; and intends to systematically link the universe to human affairs. Usually seen as a pseudoscientific divination system, however, it functions to satisfy human imagination, provide believers with ways of living, and to potentially fill up some of the gaps which science has not yet been able to explain.

Jumping between real and surreal, the exhibition Planets in Transit investigates the transitional process of finding patterns in the field of the uncanny. Through the work The Music of the Twelve Constellations, artist Aki Poon transformed the star signs into 12 vinyl records, intending to explore the connection between intimate human emotions and the universe. Aiming to find an equal presence of order and beauty in chaos, artist Sarah Song, on the other hand, invites the audience to take a closer look to their own eyes and then transform the visual patterns into sound through her interactive sonification installation COSMOS.

● Aki POON, The Music of the Twelve Constellations, 2019
● Sarah SONG, COSMOS, 2019